by Xander Nelson




These are only demos. Actual recordings coming 2012!


released April 9, 2012

Words and Music by Xander Nelson



all rights reserved


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Xander Nelson Portland, Maine

Xander was born in the spring of 1994 in Portland, ME. He started playing music at age 12, and has been performing at local clubs and concert halls since the age of 14. He has released two EPs with his band, Phantom Companion, and played in front of hundreds of people. In the fall of 2012, he will attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and will continue spreading the joy of music ... more

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Track Name: Heartbreak Vibe (DEMO)
I complicate myself so that you can feel better all the time
Using your checks and balances to rip through my peace of mind
You’re taking all of my good qualities, and turn them saccharine
I guess that’s just the price I pay to have you be mine

Heartbreak vibe crawling up my skin
Kiss your lips; I don’t know where to begin
Let’s synchronize our patronizing eyes
And turn our heads up to the skies
I’ll love you up until our demise

With all foresight gone, your love’s a poison on which I dwell
Waiting in the darkness, for its chance to send me to hell
And as our strength dwindles, desperation rings the dinner bell
Falsely serving fortune, and using spite to mask the smell

[Chorus] x2
Track Name: The Revolutionists (DEMO)
I've got a little secret that I want to share with you
You can't rely on government and expect to make it through
'Cause chores, and wars, and veteran bores control society
So I'm starting a revolution to spice things up today

Common sense is the best form of rebellion, so gather 'round my friends
Let me show you all the fabrication that plagues our residence
Take heed of the forces that surround you, strengthen your defense
Take up your arms for we are the revolutionists.

Politicians take fair warning, activists beware
My lungs are full of anarchy and they're polluting all the air
As men, and women, and children alike gather in the streets
All shouting "Save yourselves!" as the world falls to it's knees


With all the fighting over, and dirty deeds all done
We've got to sit and ask ourselves "Have we really won?"
Track Name: The Hearing
Your rhyme and reason live only in dreams
Preaching values that the world will never see.
What kind of problems caused this tragedy?
Your dreams are martyrs for society.
You don't know, do you? Can't understand it.
You don't know, do you? Can't reprimand it.
You got me, you got me.
As I sing the blues, war rages on
To decide your fate, and to count up all the wrongs.
When they came and looked for you, you had already gone
On and endless journey to go and find where you belong.

You're clinging to my bones
Looking down into my eyes and turning me to stone.
I'm caught up in your stare
Making time for everyone else, but you don't seem to care
That I'm screaming underwater, and I'm running out of air.
Track Name: Better Off Dead
What have I got to say to you to get you to stop lying to me?
With all your tricks and messin' around, I don't desire your company.
When you come my way, I'll have nothing to say and Lord, I just wanna be free.
From a straight laced prick to an anarchist, why can't you just make up your mind?
Between iron wills and your Prozac pills, leave all your worries behind.
Detach your brain from this silly game or by God, you'll go blind.

Well your time has come and gone
Cause I realize that I was a pawn
In your master plan, but who do you think I am?
I packed my bags and I left today
Too bad for you, I like it better this way.

When the war was done, I had only begun to see the shade cast over her eyes.
It was a shade of gray they kept her wits at bay against the three guys I despise:
A stud, a tool, and a lanky fool that kept puttin’ tears in her eyes.
Once again, those old tricks began, but this time no one wins
Because I thought to myself that it'd be better off dead than to go through this again.
Your worst fears were music to my ears as I broke the establishment.

You must have some kind of bright idea
'Cause if you don't, I don't know why I'm still here.
Think long and hard, but if you don't know fast
You're gonna be stuck living in the past.
You know your lover ?He's a smart one
And you didn't see through his lies
So now you get struck by the loss of trust
And of our emotional ties.

Wake up and smell the dead roses, girl, we're as done as done can be.
So just shut up and get your mind unstuck and face reality.
Now that I'm away, I'd just like to say that, finally, I'm free.